Matched Voice Technology   
Bella Audio     is the first loudspeaker manufacturer to help the custom installer and informed
enthusiast create consistent custom environments with true high
-fidelity reproduction. This
consistency is achieved through a combination of new technologies and better use of classic
design theory to produce the finest loudspeakers currently available.

With each application we analyze your project and plan the correct products for each system,
matching our products acoustically as well as aesthetically to the room, aided by our custom
finish and trim options. On site consultation support is available through our select dealers, if
needed, to help create superior system integration and performance.

Bella Audio     loudspeakers are unique in several areas:

  • True high fidelity loudspeakers that combine efficient performance with flexible aesthetic
    finish and trim options.
  • Resonance damping technology to insure faithful reproduction and ultra-low distortion.
  • In-wall / on-wall product with easy to install mounting systems.
  • Matched Voice Technology     to ensure the highest quality multi-channel sound field.
  • Environmentally friendly construction using 90% recycled or reclaimed materials.
  • Made in the USA with higher than industry practice US manufactured component content
    and raw materials.
  • Limited distribution to only the highest rated dealers and installer groups.

Customer specified builds of custom loudspeakers are being manufactured and a delivered
currently to select qualified dealers. The Bella Audio    line of Highest-Fidelity
are awaiting the patent process and will be available Q4 2006.

If you are interested in more information about Bella Audio     custom products or our pending
Bella Audio    
Matched Voice Technology     line, please contact us .
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