First High Fidelity Audio for Marine
Bella Aqua     , a member of the Bella Audio    family of audiophile grade loudspeakers, is
proud to introduce a revolutionary new line of OEM and specialty dealer marine audio

For the first time in marine audio, a series of products developed by Bella Aqua
reproduces H
ighest-Fidelity    while still addressing the challenges of the harsh realities
of a marine environment.

A boat is far from the ideal audio setting. Open to the heavens on the outside and with
low ceilings on the inside, here, re-packaged car and home products simply fail. Neither
mobile audio products nor home products offer the durability, the right sonic properties,
or the efficiencies needed for hi-end marine applications.

Bella Aqua    has addressed these unique concerns by engineering products that
acoustically solve the challenges of open air and low ceiling, situations found on boats,
while building in technologies that fight off premature failure due to the harshness of the
marine environment. This entirely new class of products include separates, coaxials,
subwoofers and specialty designs. For example, our best-in-class wake tower speaker
with a
n effective throw of 100 feet, puts the music right where the action is.

When you are on the water, Bella Aqua     has a product that will enhance your marine
as well as impress your ears.

If you are a marine OEM, dealer / installer or a boat retailer and you would like to offer
your customers the best marine audio products in the world, please contact us.  US
customers may contact
UX Audio, outside the US, contact us directly here.
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