Engineered by and for Professionals
Bella Audio Professional     was created to address the need for a limited distribution,
high performance line of background and sound reinforcement loudspeakers for
experienced dealer / installer groups.

Each of our products is carefully engineered to meet or exceed the performance of current
offerings while offering Dealers a protected product line of superior quality.

Our flush mount products have wide, even dispersion patterns with excellent speech
intelligibility. This alone would be enough to include our line of products in your next bid,
yet with efficiencies that allow them to be used in high ceiling situations as well, they
become flexible go-to solutions that simplify your planning.  Additionally, all our flush
mounted products are available in fire rated metal enclosures
and with 70 V transformers.

Our line array products are compact and attractively engineered as controlled-dispersion,
wide-bandwidth module
s with superior control and throw. Each is easily stacked for
longer throw needs and can be combined with our sub woofer array technology for full
range use in house of worship and entertainment venues. All of our array products are
available as 70 Volt systems and all offer superior efficiencies.

If you are interested in more information about Bella Audio Professional     products
please use our
contact us page.
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